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Answered Prayers 11 Jan 2006

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We had cell tonight, and one of our members talked briefly about his dad: we’d been praying for a few months that God would help said member’s dad with his schizophrenia, and today we’ve heard news that those prayers have been answered: the case is a lot better, this guy can now drive and will soon be allowed to work.

Thank God for the amazing encouragement he gives us through answered prayers. Sometimes it seems like prayer is a real struggle, something that is just for show and doesn’t have any implications in the real world. Thank God for showing us wrong.


2 Responses to “Answered Prayers”

  1. Ryan Parman Says:

    It’s always awesome to hear about God moving in people’s lives.🙂

  2. David House Says:

    It was fantastic🙂

    Great to hear from you too, Ryan. I hear through gsnedders on #wordpress that the next version of SimplePie has been released! Congrats on that.

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